Accelerating the quantum revolution by developing the quantum ready workforce
Pushing the limits by international collaboration between the individuals.
With a common goal to develop better quantum hardware


The evolution of our logo


"Aikyam", stands for "Oneness" or "Unity" in Sanskrit.
Unity in itself comprises the entire universe and has different interpretations. We believe in the same ideology, as in the quantum realm, the system's wave-function collapses into a single value after observation. On similar lines, our aim is to provide a unified platform for all the enthusiasts, engineers, and researchers around the world to work together and build quantum hardware for a better future!

Aikyam → AiQyaM

At our core, we are a quantum community. To bring out little quantumness in our identity, we made the switch from 'k' to 'Q' to transition from classical unity to a quantum one!

AiQyaM → aqm

Miniaturization is the key to success in the tech industry. To signify the same, we model our name in a PCB-trace-like design, and make it more compact i.e from AiQyaM to aqm, which still holds the same significance in terms of our identity!

The Quantum Well

Discreteness in the energy levels is the most fundamental law of quantum mechanics. The state transitions taking place in the heart of a quantum computer are represented by the jumps in the energy levels of this quantum well. In our case, discreteness is defined by a plethora of skill levels that allow an individual to grow along with us!

Final logo

Finally, combining all of this into one, we unveil our logo having the quantum well at its core with an acronym of our identity (aqm).


Are we only for highly qualified professionals?

No, we are open to any person who shares our common interest i.e. building quantum hardware.

Is participation in our community restricted to any nationality?

No, we are open to the entire race of humanity.

Is there any age limit to join the community?

No, all age groups are welcomed i.e. from toddler to a retired person.

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