A Quantum Hardware community focused towards
accelerating the Quantum Revolution!

World's 1st Independent Quantum Hardware Community

A unique community to bring together Quantum Enthusiasts and Researchers around the world to collaboratively develop novel Quantum Hardware solutions.

World's 1st Quantum Hardware based DAO[➚]

As a DAO, AiQyaM helps you develop your identity by working on topics that you like, and offering rewards for what you deserve!

Develop Quantum Solutions to tackle Real-World problems

Contribute to having a Quantum Future by working towards designing better Quantum Hardware under several architectures!


Provide a unified platform for individuals into Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware around the world


Network with like-minded Quantum Enthusiasts, Engineers, and Researchers.


Discuss and find revolutionary solutions to problems in today's quantum systems.


Contribute and work together towards building a better (and a quantum) future!


Discover new possibilities and uncover the mysteries of the land of Engineering Quantum Hardware and Systems


Upskill yourself by learning from the best professionals in the industry and academia.


Spread your knowledge and contribute to develop the next generation quantum-ready workforce.


Work on cutting-edge quantum technology research and solve real-world problems.


Design and fabricate innovative Quantum Hardware solutions and contribute to the Quantum Revolution!


Pitch in new ideas and designs for different quantum hardware architectures.


Make your conceptual designs ready for production and use in the real world.


Realize your optimized design to build a full-scale Quantum Computer!

Our Specializations

We work in the following three types of Quantum Hardware


We are a group of humans with a shared goal!

Abeer Vaishnav

MS @ Duke University | Qiskit Advocate
Quantum Hardware | Design & Fabrication
Music | Singing & Guitar


Nilay Awasthi

Community Advisors

Moses Sam Paul

Co founder @ TheThirdPillar.Club

Community Builder | Story teller |
System Dynamics Researcher

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